Floor Plans and Finishes

*Approximate areas only. Please refer to specific unit plans for areas of specific units

Exclusive, limited inventories of highlight units:

**Select 1-Bedroom suite unit with flex rooms on the 31st to 39th floor

***Two 2-Bedroom Veranda units with balconies for each bedroom on the 19th and 22nd floor

****Two 3-Bedroom Sky Terraces penthouse units with private terraces

Turnover of units will be carried out in tranches determined by floor level, beginning first quarter of 2015.
Tranche 1: 2nd floor to 15th floor, beginning 1st quarter 2015
Tranche 2: 16th floor to 27th floor, beginning 2nd quarter 2015
Tranche 3: 28th floor to 39th floor, beginning 3rd quarter 2015
Tranche 4: 40th floor to 49th floor, beginning 4th quarter of 2015


• Functional kitchen with built-in appliances (cook top and range hood)
• Other appliances provided in the unit: Air-conditioning units for the bedrooms* and living/dining areas and water heaters for kitchen and bathrooms*
• Kohler ®and Grohe® (or equivalent) bathroom fixtures
• Master switch cards for units which automatically switches off lights and appliances (except for refrigerators)
• Individual metering for water and electricity
• Audio guest anunciator system
• CATV provision for all bedrooms and living area
• Provision for 2 telephone line service providers per unit
• Telephone outlets in all bedroom*, living/dining areas
• Duress Button in the master’s Bedroom
• Maximized natural ventilation

Park Terraces Model Unit - Bathroom

Park Terraces Model Unit - Dining Room

Park Terraces Model Unit - Master's Bedroom

Park Terraces Model Unit - Night Perspective