Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Makati's New Tower starts a "Greener" Blue Print for Urban Dwellers

Makati's New Tower starts a "Greener" Blue Print for Urban Dwellers

MANILA, Philippines – Centuries ago, the business district of the Philippines was once an empty field used for aviation courses. Now, no city in the Philippines can match the flair and pizzazz of the city of Makati. Not bad for what the Spanish colonizers once described as a swampy barren land.

Often described as the commercial capital of the Philippines, Makati is fast-phased city filled with exciting opportunities, blue chip executives, and the working class. Aside from being known as a commercial giant in the business scene, the city also ranks as a top destination for recreational activities.

The plethora of choices for leisure, culture, recreation, dining, and of course the commercial qualities, are the main reasons why Makati is one of the most popular districts in the Philippines. Now, the charming city leaps into the future again with Ayala's Park Terraces.

The recent addition to Makati's fine skyline, Park Terraces, is the three-tower enclave, a vertical community which offers urban dwellers a premier living space at the heart of the city. The latest offering from Ayala Land Premier will change the face of the business district as Park Terraces will serve as a catalyst structure for Ayala Center's new look.

Ayala Land will be investing R20 Billion to pave the way for a wider pedestrian access, more green, spaces, new offices and hotels over the next ten years -all of which are anchored on Park Terraces.

"Ayala Land prides itself on how it understands the needs of our market. We take into full consideration how people will live, work and how we can make things better. Ayala Center is one of the company's greatest successes which evolved from a marsh land into a premier loft and a central business district," said Bobby Dy, Senior Vice President and Head of Ayala Land Premier.

The new look of the city includes a more environment friendly community where everything is accessible to future residents of the tower. The innovative change and the bright vision of Ayala Land is a welcome development for the unit buyers of the first tower which sold 4.3 B in a single weekend.

"Not too many people know this but the first condominium apartment in Makati was developed by Ayala. Our company thrives and pride itself on this heritage in knowing the needs of the community in developing a desired address as well as a desired destination," added Dy.

Units inside the tower are designed to suit varying lifestyles and can cater to varied needs of the unit buyers. But a common feature that each unit shares are optimized light and natural ventilation through sliding doors. The structural design of Park Terraces removes perimeter beams and allows natural lighting to flow into each unit.

"We understand the individuality of each unit owner and we try to incorporate this in Park Terraces. The units inside the towers can be tailor made for the various needs of each owner where they can modify the units to their unique personalities," shared Melissa Gil, SVP and head of Ayala Land Premiere's residential buildings.

As part of the company's commitment to preserving the environment, the units also have energy-efficient features like master key cards which allow owners to minimize energy consumption and maximize greener practices. Aside from the impressive amenities and features of the new tower in Makati, units are selling like pancakes. It will soon become the window and gates of the city.

The soon to be re-developed Ayala Center will provide unit owners of Park Terraces to have easy access to various business center as well as some of the country's top schools, hospitals, and companies. This setting will make the unit buyer feel at home and relaxed as it would be walking distance from commercial centers as well as other prominent buildings within the city. The said tower initiates the new blueprint for the city of Makati, where everything is connected, accessible and convenient for residents in Makati as well as the thousands of guests who visit the city.